2013 Goals Updated AUgust 2013

Cross Stitch
  • Dressmaker's Daughters SAL
  • a couple of smalls TBA

  • Updated - COMPLETED! Orion Star quilt - started but a long way from being complete
  • Thangles BOM with Kansas Trouble fabrics
  • Jinny Beyer's Spectrum
  • Updated - COMPLETED! Loose Threads Charm exchange challenge   

Orion Star



I'm hoping to set aside time every 2 weeks and make birthday cards for family and friendsIf I get back into it, I should be able to make some Christmas cards without that last minute panic I've subjected myself to for the past couple of years.


Update - Not a great gardening year. Some things didn't germinate, others are stunted but I'm still glad I play in the dirt as the weather allows me. It's good for my soul.

I'll be planning the upcoming gardens and ordering seeds accordingly.


Updated - Still collections lots of data but haven't organized it yet. 

Lots of family events that need to be inputted and documents filed.



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