Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day to day stuff

I've been busy or at least distracted with family & household issues for the better part of a week. DH had his annual check up, which went well but there may be some issues from his time in Afghanistan. Those were difficult times but I'm sure we can get everything sorted out. I can't help but think I should have taken more photos of the insect bites and other mysterious ailments he encountered. But, the really good news is his BP, cholesterol etc is all in the zone which takes a lot of pressure off the kidney disease. If this keeps up, he'll be feeling like a million bucks before too long! Looking good Dear!

Yesterday he brought home his newly mounted medals, all ready for the Remembrance Day parade. Seeing so many really drives home the adventure he was been through and us as a family. A few years ago I cross stitched a piece for DH, but never had it mounted. Now, once we get his miniatures back, we will get it all put into a shadow box and find a place of honour to display it. This will be a project of love & pride.

This week I've gone through my fabric stash and have a nice full bag of samples of jewel tones to Freecycle. They are perfect for mini quilts but I just don't have the time - they deserve better treatment then being stuffed in a basement! Maybe someone can do them up for an almost no cost Christmas present!
Well Blogger isn't co-operating...Doesn't want to post my photo and my cat, Chow, has decided to help me type! Must post this before she walks across the keyboard to hits delete! Have a great day!

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