Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What a crazy cat!

I'm not sure why she's so attentive these days, but she is! I go to check my email, she lays in front of the monitor. I go to read the newspaper, she either crawls up onto my lap or lays across the papers. I tried reading, she head butts me until she gets some TLC. This afternoon, I get comfy to do some stitching and she wants to play! Needless to say, I put everything away so she wouldn't play with my floss. Chow is 12 years old and is slowing down some...Maybe she just wants my company! How can I not give her some pats when she's trying so hard! She is a good furry friend. Stitching can wait another day.

The best pictures are always in your mind, And the best memories are forever in your heart.

As requested by Emily - may I present Chow?!I should add, she likes to keep me company at the computer!


Emily said...

Cats are crazy! My cat loves to lay on top of papers and eat thread!! You should post a picture of her :-)

Anonymous said...

Animals always seem to be able to let you know when they need some attention! My dog is the worst for that -- whatever I'm doing she thinks she needs to be doing as well. You've got to love them though!

Cindy said...

Chow is just beautiful!!! My cat is the same way at times. She only wants serious attention sometimes, but when she wants it I better be ready to put everything aside or she will attack me! LOL Thank you for sharing Chow's pic with us ...beautiful!!!!