Monday, December 11, 2006

Good to be home again!

I was so happy to get back in my comfort zone last night! There is no place like home!

It was a great trip, got to do some mother/daughters bonding. Had a blast playing with the 2 grandsons. The cookie exchange was a great success...We played music trivia games before 12 rounds of Bunco and then the actual exchange of baked goods.

Yesterday was the baby shower, DD got some beautiful outfits and baby necessities...Now to wait for baby to arrive! It was so nice of Lesley to host the party, seeing as I don't live in Heather's geographical area, and neither daughter has lived here with us.

Some days I really miss being closer to them but others...It's nice to have that little distance. We are so proud of our children, they have a beautiful life and very bright futures.


Anonymous said...

So glad that you are home safe and sound. It sounds like you had a wonderful time!!

Anonymous said...

You have beautiful daughters, Berta! Its great to visit them but also very nice to be home again.

You must take a picture of all the baked goodies you came home with!

Stitch or no stitch said...

What a lovely & special time you must have had visiting your daughters 'Berta. They are both so pretty and happy looking.
Bet every time the phone rings you think the baby has been born. So exciting!!!!