Monday, January 15, 2007

Beautiful handcrafted trim

DH installed new shelves over my work table this past weekend. They are so nice, they inspired me to go through my trunk of fabirc and so some purging.

I came across these linens that my late grandmother had decorated with some of her crochet trim. The bottom green piece is what is left from a set of sheets she made for my hope chest. The sheets have long since worn out, but I did keep the top and pillow slips.

I'm going to make new pillow slips and incorporate the crochet trim but I need ideas on how to preserve the embroidery. The fabric is very thin and too large to just put into a shadow box of memories. Any ideas would be welcomed. I really miss this kind of craftsmanship of days gone by when linens really were a thing of beauty!


Anonymous said...

How pretty, and such nice sentimental value too.

Wendy said...

What lovely pieces and I can see why you want to reuse them. For the embroidery, what about using Heat'n Bond? You can cut the fabric out (leave a nice margin around the embroidery) and you iron Heat'n Bond on to the back. Then you remove the paper from the backing and iron it onto a new fabric. It sticks very nicely, although you still need to sew around the edge to make sure it doesn't lift. This is a great method for applique work. I buy Heat'n Bond from my Wal-mart, but its available at fabric shops also.

Alberta said...

Wendy, that's a great idea! Now to figure out where to put it...perhaps a small table runner for my front hall tree. Thanks!