Friday, January 26, 2007

A favorite site for me

Ever since 1999, I've been searching for something. I'm not sure what that is, but I've been exploring other avenues of thought process. That was a huge year for me, we moved and bought a new house, I went back to a very exciting career, our youngest daughter got married, my mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer & died a couple of months later leaving my father alone and starting to exhibit the early signs of Alzheimers disease. I'm not a church goer but do believe and try to lead a christian life every single day.

During my self imposed re-discovery of who I am, I stumbled across Success Begins Today
and have been getting some good ideas. I just love the Five Minute Pages - and have printed off several of his downloads. Today he's talking about his love of the evil Oreos...he spied some in a vending machine that claimed to be 100 calorie packs. Since each cookie has 55 calories, he had to check it out. Swing over and have a read.

I have found that I have personally developed in all avenues and have a great sense of calmness and inner peace. I used to be a type A personality and today, nothing could be further away from the truth. I got back into learning about new ideas and concepts, taking them apart and putting them back together in what fits for me. I love to be challenged at all levels but i don't think I will ever master the next level of difficulty in sudoku!

Thanks for letting me ramble's good for the soul!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Love the pics of the kids.