Thursday, January 04, 2007

Not stitching...what am I doing?

I've walked up and down those basement stairs many times each day and I finally decided enough already! We had removed the fake wood panelling last year and patched all the holes but with one thing and another, never got the stairwell primed and painted.

Tuesday, I found the primer, paint to match, drop cloths, everything but a roller cover. Got that after supper.

Wednesday I started in ernest, beginning at the short ell part of the hall. Primed the walls, then topcoated, and finished with priming the 2 doors in that hallway.

This morning I topcoated the doors and while they are drying, went about looking for a ladder to reach that part over the door! I got it set up and tentatively climbed higher and higher until I could reach. Even though I'm alone in the house, I locked the door just in case DH comes home early to surprise me.

So with a marg container of primer, a brush in my hand and a silent prayer in my hand I went up and got the priming done! a well deserved rest while that dries and I get re-focused. I'm afraid of heights!!!!

I'll tackle some more colour after lunch! I love that gold's going to stay a looong loooong time!


Anonymous said...

I am terrified of heights as well, you be careful climbing that ladder!!!! Sounds like you are working very hard.

Anonymous said...

I should be getting inspiration from you. I have 2 rooms in my house that need painted and a stairwell that needs wallpaper. I just cannot get motivated to do it though. Post a pic when you're all done & maybe that'll do it for me :)

'Berta said...

I am VERY careful on my ladder! I have the white ceiling part done, waiting for it to dry. Then I get to do the fun gold!

I love to paint! I don't even mind washing the walls first. I'm disliking wallpaper because we had a bad experience here with that. The previous owners wallpapered a basement room without doing any prep on the raw drywall! That was an ugly project, but I'm glad it's over with. On to the fun stuff.

Next room to get a lick of paint will be the kitchen! I was hoping for some new cupboards, that won't happen for a few more years, so I get to go crazy with the brushes again!