Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Now what is my password????

I almost forgot it for my blog...But I'm sure I'll be posting on a more regular basis now that the holidays are over.

Today I have to make a birthday card for our eldest daughter and get that out in today's mail. I repaired my grandson's Ninja costume and I'll mail that as well.

I'm still working away on Moonlit Cabin, will try and post an update picture this week.

I've noticed the days are starting to get longer. That's a welcome sign that spring is desperately trying to arrive! I received a few seed catalogues early Decemebr, but wuickly put them away after a brief scan. Now I can officially sit down with them, my notes from last year's garden, and pen & paper. I'm so excited about this growing year. I'm going to go outside my comfort zone and push the limit of my 2a zone!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 2007!

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