Monday, March 05, 2007


Ciao aka Chow

Feb 20, 1996 - March 4, 2007

Everywhere I look, I see signs you were there, every room of the house, every nook & cranny. I miss your little head butts in the morning for that first pat, your meow for breakfast,your paw helping me check email, your gaze as I did my housework, the way you would drop in front of me for a belly rub and the way you would jump onto my lap when it was tea time.

Chow would 'do' breakfast with Joe. She wanted hers too! Another trait was that she would wait in the shadows until he got up from his favorite chair and then she would jump up and make herself at home. When Joe sat on the couch, you knew the princess had 'her' chair.

Chow was officially our eldest daughter's pet, but we adopted her when she had to move where no pets were allowed. Never the less, Chow would brush up against Heather when she visited and the purrs would be noticeable louder when she was stroked under the chin and called 'baby girl'. We were blessed with Chow's presence in our last 3 homes in the past 11 years. She never liked moving but wasted no time making herself 'to home'!

Good bye my little friend!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your kitty. {{hugs}}

Mary said...

What a sweet tribute to your beloved cat.
I dread the day my daughter's cat Corey leaves this earth. She loves him tremendously and is going to be absolutely devastated.