Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday already?

Where did the time go?

I finished up Les's dining room curtain panels...I sort of dogged it until I realized that DH was feeling well enough for the Sunday round trip to Calgary and back.

Thursday evening DH was struck with pains...kidney stone type! Yup, they were on the move...he booked in to see his DR toady but since making the appointment, he seems to be feeling better. But the stones will have to come out one way or the other! Poor guy!

Anyways, I finished the curtains. Sunday shortly after 6 am we headed down the road to dis-assemble a 7'x7' Rubbermaid shed...the kids were giving it to us because they should be breaking ground for their double car garage! How exciting is that! We got the shed down, truck loaded and were back on the road in short time. We arrived back home 3:15...but bad considering the drive was 4 hours each way!

Got the truck unloaded, made a quick BBQ lunch/supper and by 8pm my head was bobbing & weaving. So off to bed we go...until a couple hours later, when the phone rings...I hear yup, you're in town, OK, supper, bye....

This morning I realized that we are having dinner guests....and I had such a busy day planned already....oh well, we love having company over, so some of the other 'stuff' will just have to wait for another day. I'm sure there will be some rain in our future! Hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods!


quiltorstitch said...

A free shed, that is great!!! I am sure you'll fill it up in no time LOL!

Thanks for the advice on the log cabin quilt, I think I'll go with the layout you liked the best, everyone seems to be liking that one :)

Where do I get my energy? I force it! I make myself do it :) Oh yeah, and I don't clean my house as much LOL!

Jamie said...

No sun shining here, but at least the rain has stopped. Glad all went well on your trip and that DH is feeling better!

Margaret said...

Nope, no sun here. That's OK though since we can use the rain.
Kidney stones - how painful!! Hope DH gets rid of them soon.
Enjoy your company.