Saturday, May 26, 2007

Don't think I can lift a needle today

Friday morning BEFORE
Saturday afternoon after lunch
Saturday @ 3:30 AFTER

Friday was prep day in the 2 garden beds adjoining this A frame shed. Not knowing how ugly this could become I took the preventative steps and removed most of the plants within 4 feet on the dwelling.

Saturday we had a friend and teenage son come over to help with this demolition project. We started in earnest about 9:30 am and 6 hours later...I had a new sunny location for an afternoon sitting area!

Our initial plan was to repair the deck boards and erect a new no maintenance gable shed with room usable space. However, once I was in that spot, sweeping up loose nails & screws, I realized it's pretty vantage point of the garden. think we are going to keep it free for sitting and reflecting.

Another benefit of the shed shade garden is now full sun. the hostas I moved for protective measures, now need a new home. I'll have to sit out there for a while and see where I can put them.
The new shed, which we already have, will be relocated into our alternate location. I'm just not sure where that will be!!!

I feel so lighted hearted with this change...the shed has been there for a very long time...27 years! Long before we bought the house. My neighbours said it was a sad day because she thought of it as a landmark! But it had to come down, we couldn't do the repairs with it standing. It served its purpose well. It's an ending and a great beginning!

I may rest up the rest of the weekend, my muscles are a bit on the tired & sore side! But that's OK, it was worth all the discomfort. We'll power wash the deck and then access the repair required and I'll scrape down the fence boards and get them stained to match the rest. But that is next week's project!

Have a great weekend all!


Isabelle said...

That's a great new sunny spot in your garden! Congrats on that hard work!

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Thanks Isabelle!

Pumpkin said...

No wonder! You have been one busy gal :o) I have to admit, I like it much better now that the shed is gone and it does look like a nice area to just sit and reflect.

Margaret said...

Thanks for your birthday wishes Berta.
My goodness - you have been busy!!
This is going to be a wonderfully sunny spot to stitch.

Jamie said...

That's a great back yard you have. I can't wait to see more pics of the garden. I'm glad all your griding finally worked out.