Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Like a kid before Christmas!

I find it too hard to concentrate on something like my stitching! The wedding cake for this Saturday seems to be all consuming...I just want the day to arrive so we can GIT-R-DONE! The supplies are ready to go, the decorations planned out....just need to be closer to Saturday to ensure freshness. The weather man is now calling for rain...pout pout...hopefully it would be pouring cats'n'dogs!

So to keep myself sane, I've been in the garden. I have all 9 flower beds cleaned out and I'm pleased that most of my perennials seems to be waking up. Unfortunately there is no such indications in my rose bed. That may be a huge loss, but if it's so, it'll be an opportunity to try something new.

Monday I turned the veggie beds, and DH helped me get our new irrigation system started. That should be complete tonight. We are trying for more efficient watering, less waste. The rain barrel on the side of the house is working well for the front flower beds. We have yet to install the gutters on the greenhouse and once we do, we'll have the second barrel up & running. We are trying to be aware of our usage/waste and do our part of reducing our environmental footprint.

Thanks everyone for stopping by...I hope you all have a great week doing what you love to do!


Jamie said...

I cannot wait until you have photos of your gardening. You'll get back to stitching soon.

Name: Vicki said...

I envy you your gardening skills! I haven't had much luck growing things in my yard, unless you count weeds! lol My X used to take friends to my pile of empty flower pots and say, "That's my wife's plant graveyard!" I, too, can't wait to see some photos!

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Vicki, I'm glad you called him your X! It isn't all that hear to garden, you just have to find what you can grow...I started with some fine crops of dandelions and worked up from there!

Pumpkin said...

I'm so envious of your garden time Alberta! It's just too cold here and we are in an area that gets heavy frost until June :o( I can't wait to see pictures of your labor :o)