Monday, June 04, 2007

Knots in my stomach

I had a wonderful time with Dad this past weekend. Dad always had a special bond with Joe and they were just like old times which was good because I was thrown for a loop. When we went to the home to see Dad, he looked well, except he didn't have his glasses on. He's always worn them so Joe went to his room to get them.

Shortly after, I was called down and seen something heart wrenching.
Seems about a month prior, someone on staff went through all the residents room removing all personal effects! Dad's once cozy room with little reminders was now barren. A bed, a dresser with nothing on top, nightstand with small lamp, almost nothing in any of the drawers and just a few boxes of winter clothes in the closet. I was sick!

The attendant working told us what she knew and we asked her to get her supervisor now.
Things are gone, some just memories that can't be replaced, others had some financial value. Did they all go in the trash or did someone do some selective shopping. I have just finished sending out my formal letter of complaint requesting an investigation and removal of the person(s) responsible. But the damage is done.

It sickens me that our trust has been shattered. I live 7 hours away. My sister who lives in town can not visit often for personal reasons. So because Dad is a ward of the court with a Public Guardian, I have now requested that he be transferred closer when a suitable opening becomes available. Now I wait, but I'm biting at the bit to do something productive. I want to be there to protect him from more elder abuse, but I have to be home to support Joe.

Now just to add to this torment, picture this. We are barely ready to hit the road for this camping trip to see Dad, when we find out that grandson #1 has broken his arm! He's casted, and out the emergency door in a couple of hours. Next morning, grandson #2 who just recovered from his second break has tripped and re-broken his arm again! Same place, much worse. It required an ambulance, the bone was almost through the skin, 48 hours in hospital, numerous x-rays and finally 90 minutes of non-evasive surgery in which he was sedated while they pinned, wedged and casted his arm. Apparently the break hadn't healed properly the first time around and had this latest break not happen when it did, the consequences would have been much more serious, it would have meant major surgery. So both boys in casts, one a left arm, the other a right, one for a month and the other for probably the whole summer.

How I managed not to fall to pieces this past weekend is beyond me. I think it's all just setting in now because I'm shaking and can't seem to type without mashing the keys together. I don't think I'll be stitching for a day or so while my nerves settle down. Excuse me, I think I'm going to cry!

Addendum - I've taken some time to decompress and feel much better. A little time out in the garden in the sunshine with my best furry friend Cody has done wonders. Thanks Rebecca!


Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

WHAT A WEEKEND! I hope things all around look up shortly for you, and there could be worse things than missing personal effects and casted arms. Be thankful that all of these individuals are in your life and bring joy each and every time you think of them.

Pumpkin said...

Oh Alberta! I'm SO sorry to hear this. What an awful thing to happen. I just don't understand how people can be so cruel. Will there be any more answers for you? Will they be able to find your Dad's personal things? Having him closer would be nice but people have to give over their trust to these places.

And two broken arms! Ouch! This won't be a great summer for the boys.

I'm glad to hear you have relaxed a bit but completely understand why you were so upset.


Jamie said...

OH MY! What a weekend I hope things are looking up for you. Many, many hugs and warm wishes.