Friday, June 15, 2007

Now this is a scary sight!

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am back in the garden! We have finally make the executive decision on the location of the new shed. As a recap, we had initially decided to simply replace the now demolished A frame with the new one. Until I seen how nice a view we had of the was too spectacular to waste on a storage shed!

So against my better judgement I am digging up 2 forsythias. My gut says this isn't going to work but I have to try. I'm going to plant them in a couple of large pots and hopefully keep them over the summer and most of the fall.

Then we are removing a couple of nondescript shrubs in front and re-plant the forsythias' Fingers the mean time, 1 down 1 to go! In the meantime, even leather gloves aren't protecting my hands!

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!


Pumpkin said...

LOL! I'd say you don't want to work with silks then ;o)

Gardening is fun though and it can be relaxing to some. DH has pretty much completed the back of the house so keep an eye out for a picture of it on my Blog sometime soon :o)

Margaret said...

Will keep my fingers crossed for your forsythias. Smart move not to sacrifice your view for the new shed.