Thursday, July 05, 2007

Trying not to melt!

I've taken refuge in the coolness of our basement while it soars to plus 30' outside. I've had all the blinds, drapes closed all day in hopes of a cooler sleeping night.

So I've been trying to keep busy in he looking?...DH's cold room where he keeps all his gadgets etc. {{{{DH is away on a short road trip}}}} I've cleaned out the obvious garbage and emptied a bunch of small baby food jars he had for assorted nails screws etc. Those I sorted into the correct little drawers. So what to do with the jars?

I'm going to use them in my sewing craft area for those small bits of trim, buttons, clasps, grommets! I got them all washed out and they are drying. So I ducked back into DH's zone and found a nice piece of trim that was slated for the burn heap. It's just the right size and length to screw the caps on!!!! Now to find small screws, something to make pilot holes in the lids (nail?!). A quick sand, spray paint white outside tonight and I should be good to go! This way I hang mount it on the wall or the bottom of a shelf and only make 2 holes, not 12x2! I remember Dad did this in his workshop - he had to put 2 screws per cap to keep the cap from turning around and around!

So that's what I'm up to when I'm not struggling to cross stitch under artificial light. I need lots of natural for Fred!


Pumpkin said...

LOL! You just wait until DH comes home ;o)

We have humid weather coming our way again. Ugh!

Carto said...

LOL - hey sweetie, you make me laugh so much - I can just imagine you 'whispering' while typing out this post to the tune of 'Mission Impossible'! :)

I know it sounds crazy, but I'd love the weather you're having at the moment - here in the UK we're getting flooded out! Wearing a polar neck jumper in July is just not right! LOL

msstitch01 said...

Hope you have luck trying to stay cool. At the moment here in Sydney it is cold and raining.

Name: Vicki said...

Alberta, I can't believe you were BRAVE enough to go into your DH's domain! lol The pictures of your trip and your garden are great!