Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Details on my recent activites

Wednesday we headed south...dropped off our dog at Joseph's house - he was a bit surprised to see us so soon after his visit. They kindly agreed to puppy sit for us while we continued to Medicine Hat to see more family. Unfortunately none of my family was able to host us so we ended up in a nice hotel for 2 nights.

We seen my nephew who lives in Ottawa with his Dad for the school year. He has matured and grown up a lot since I last seen him 14 months ago. His 2 big brothers really miss having him around on a daily basis but this is the best place for him.

To say I was shocked is an understatement when I visited my Dad. I hardly recognized my little sister, she has slipped more into her depression and I'm wondering how much of her numbness is from a possible over prescribing of 'mother's little helpers'. However the last time I tried to speak my concerns, it wasn't well received so....

I had a short and uncomfortable visit with Dad in the home...his dementia has taken him deeper into a world I can't reach. He was as polite as he always was but there wasn't a gleam of recognition that was there just 6 weeks ago. He didn't even recognize his own photograph and got mixed up trying to find his room. The caregivers assure me he is still one of the more cognitive residents and I guess I should take some comfort in that. He's not wanting for anything - the residence was spotless, smelled nice and so did Dad. He too is where he should be at this time in his life.

I feel quite 'orphaned' since my visit. Mom is gone,8 years now, Dad is going and my siblings are so 'removed' from my life. I do try not to dwell too long on it...I have a loving husband of 32 years this fall, 2 very happy and successful daughters with families of their own. My friends, well, they are just the best I could ever want/need.

We returned to Calgary to celebrate Alex's 4th birthday...it was a dress up affair of Superheroes & Super villains. I went as Mrs. Hannigan from Annie...not sure if that's a super villain or not!

We returned home with Cody in tow on Sunday...just enough time to pack Joe for a business trip to QC...he got the email about this of Friday while still on vacation. Sometimes Blackb*rries aren't a good thing! Oh well...he's well respected and valued!

I plan on sitting quietly with my box of tissues beside me - nasty head cold complete with fever and sinus congestion - and try and stitch on Fred for a bit.

Take care all...I'm still catching up on all my blogging friends, so be patient! :)

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Pumpkin said...

ROFL! That is too funny Berta :o) Love the costume!

I'm so sorry that your visit back home was not a happy one :o( Families are hard and like you, sometimes I feel like an orphan too. I'm so glad that you have "your" wonderful family around you for comfort :o)