Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We had a phone call last night from our grandson Joseph, all excited...only 4 more sleeps before he comes for another visit! Every sentence began with "Do you know..."he had so much to say. Told us about his brother Alex's cast finally coming off, we going to play pirates, swim, go golfing...he couldn't get everything out fast enough. It should be fun. 3 sleeps now.

We had a frost warning last night, so we are getting close to the end of the garden. We had some beets with supper last night....yummy. I don't think I'll pickle any, we are just going to enjoy them fresh picked. I have some things I want to change in the green house before the snow flies.

I'm training for the charity run/walk is back on track after that unscheduled hiatus. I love the crisp mornings, helps clear the cobwebs from my mind and refresh my spirit.

I've recently heard about this new way of knitting...magic loop with a circular needle instead of double points...I have to check that out more closely...I need more hand knit mitts with the super long cuffs. I hate getting snow up my sleeve when I shovel or play outside.

Fred is coming along nicely...mostly book work though. The skies have been very dark, so I'm not getting as much natural light as I would like that have. But progress is progress...I can work around Fred and leave that so those glorious sunny mornings that will eventually come.

Reading everyone's blogs and seeing their stitching progress has put crazy thoughts in my mind....stash...I need stash! Oh well....I may or may not cave in....I love Rebecca's wolves....and her Cross stitch forever... is so cute....What AM I gonna do???? Stay tuned!

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Pumpkin said...


Good to hear you are getting back on track and what better way to put a smile on your face than having a grandchild come to visit :o)