Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some Fred SAL progress

I'm still enjoying this WIP. I had some awesome natural light yesterday so got a lot accomplished. I wasn't happy when we had an unexpected power outage. My computer was on, but it still managed to mess up my anti to call the trouble desk and hopefully get someone who doesn't speak techno...I need help in plain basic English. Will post Fred pics later today.


Margaret said...

Your grapes look wonderful - so maybe a starting winery?
Thanks for the comments about Fred. After looking at your last picture posting of him I can tell you that you are much further along in a short time than I was. I still think he would have been easier on 28 ct evenweave but it's too late for me to change now.(LOL)
Have a fun time with Joseph.

Isabelle said...

Can't wait to see your Fred update Berta! :) :)

Pumpkin said...

Good luck with your anti-spyware. I hate it when software goes bananas ;o)