Thursday, August 30, 2007

Someone please clarify this for me

What constitutes a large project? I know that a bookmark or a biscornu would be considered a small one...but is Fred a big one? Does it go by size of the chart, detail or time required?

Just want to know...something caught me eye and I think it may be a biggie! Check it out!


Pumpkin said...

She's lovely Berta! Yes, she would be considered a large project :o) I'd say anything that over 9 x 10 would be considered large. Somewhere around there I guess.

Wendy said...

Definitely a BAP (big-a**'ed project). Its beautiful! Freddie is looking great.

Mia said...

Berta, I would definitely say Fred is a BIG project. I normally figure that anything over 8 X 10 or with lots of solid stitching is a BIGGIE project.

BTW, he is looking beautiful. You do such nice stitching!! :)

Isabelle said...

Fred is definitely a biggie for me, Berta!

Margaret said...

Oh yes Berta, Fred is a biggie and even bigger due to the half & quarter stitching on black Aida. You are making such great progress you will certainly be finished by the end of the year.
Have a wonderful weekend with kids and grandkids.