Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just playing around

DH is out of town for work and I decided I needed to clear all the cobwebs in my mind. With that in mind, I grabbed my garden jacket and headed out to door. It was amazing! I feel like a million bucks.

After a few hours, I had my dahlias dug up, washed and they are now drying before I store them for the winter. The last of the annuals are in the compost bin. I had a quick snack of garden fresh carrots...while I had to hose going! My lavender and lupines in the greenhouse are doing OK. I still have major cleaning to do in there but I can do that on a wet/white day. It's so warm and fragrant in there.

Over the past weekend, we picked up more garden ties and I was playing with them, rearranging different configurations for my new flower beds. My perennials are in dire need of dividing. Finally I was happy with what I had laid out. Lots of interest and won't be too hard to mow around.

I make new beds using the Lasagna method I've used this method in the past with success. Let's face it, gardening can be hard on your back so why not take the easy route! Let mother nature give you a hand. Now I'm just wondering if I can plant some new divided perennials in as soon as I get my garden mix? Any thoughts? I'll check with the Garden Club members tonight.

As a treat to myself and to thanks a dear friend for her support, I started a new cross stitch project called Linen Heart. Not sure where it comes from, I found while surfing. It has the alphabet arranged to form a heart. I'm using her favorite mauve colours and she's an avid reader so I think it'll be fitting. I'll try to finish it in a flat fold. I'll definitely post photos when it's all done. Sorry Fred but you are never too far away! I just needed something lighter that matched my mood.

Thanks for all your support, it always amazes me...the power of words! Enjoy the day!


Pumpkin said...

Good for you Berta! Gardening should be relaxing and I'm glad it make you feel good :o) Maybe do some of more it.

I'm going to miss flowers but now I'm looking forward to the leaves changing colors :o)

I know the pattern you are talking about and that is a nice one. I'm sure your friend will appreciate it :o)

Anonymous said...

It is still so dry here, that it's difficult to work in the gardens. My herb garden is doing fairly well, but my newly planted asparagus bed looks sad. I planted seeds in the spring, but the dry weather hasn't been kind. I'm looking forward to some garden clean up very soon and hope for a better year in 2008. In the meantime, I'll stitch, stitch, stitch.