Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Spirits

The blue roses are continuing to put smile on my face although they are starting to droop. Image my delight when a certain someone came home from work with these 2 beauties! My first birds of paradise (or is it bird of paradises?) and I love 'em...I wonder what zone they grow in..9? A person can dream, can't they?

Fred is still close at hand for stitching time. With the new to me readers, I can't believe the difference. It's so much easier to see the holes even with out strong sunlight. I won't be afraid of dark backgrounds in the future! It is obvious to me that this won't be completed in 2007, but I'm not going to rush and perhaps make a mistake I'll regret. My SAL with Bliss & Margaret has given me a strong jump off point and this will get finished.

I did sidetrack and stitch up this beauty...a freebie called Linen Heart. I got it through an online stitching group...and will share if you email me a quick note. I used a scrap of 16 count white Aida and some odds'n'ends of floss.

I must say, that I must have come around full circle. The trials & tribulations of the past have not beaten me down, they have shown me I can get through this and whatever else comes my way. I had about 8 weeks of intense emotional paperwork, between DH's forms and Dad's court audit/renewal of him being declared a Dependant adult. I could have bowed my head and kicked at the dust, but I mentally prepared myself and approached it in a methodical fashion, doing each next action steps ala GTD...and it got done and done well.

I did well and I feel so liberated! Hope your life is just as joyous as mine. Have a great weekend!

A crisis is only a crisis if we make it one.


Bliss said...

Fred's looking fabulous! I too started wearing reading glasses to do it. I had to borrow a pairs as I don't wear them for anything else at all in life. It's the dark background for sure.

Pumpkin said...

Those are gorgeous flowers! I still can't believe you got blue roses :o)

You must be working on Fred because he looks like he's coming right along! I love the heart as well. You did a neat thing with the colors :o)

Yes, we are all stronger than we think but it's nice to have the support of friends :o)

Karen said...

Fred is looking fabulous! I love the heart too.

I'm glad you managed to successfully get through all of the paperwork. That sort of thing is never pleasant.