Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My bobble head self!

I'm so head feels so heavy...all because of a lack of sleep! We returned home after picking up our company from the airport ~ 1am. Got them settled in, went to sleep. Up again at 6...get DH up and ready for work. He was too tired to drive safely, so he slept in for another hour or so. I couldn't lay back down, afraid I wouldn't get up in time.

And so my day went! Tonight the weather is fabulous...great for all the trick or treaters. I can't shut the door and turn of the lights just because I'm tired....but I so want to lay down and close my eyes.

Well, the door has been quiet for ~ 10 minutes. I'll get it ~20 minutes more and if the kids don't start coming around, I will be shutting it down early. I hope I don't get tricked overnight!

Good night all!


Pumpkin said...

I hope you had a safe and uneventful Halloween :o)

Get some rest girl!

Margaret said...

Hope you managed to get a good nights rest after a great Trick or Treat evening.
Lovely new patterns Berta. You'll be hoping for that snowstorm now.(LOL)
Have fun with your company.