Thursday, November 22, 2007

Quiet house

Our latest batch of guests have departed. I'm so envious of their adventurous spirit. They have sold their home in a quaint village not too far from here to head to northern BC. There somewhere on their 40 acres, they will build a new homestead!

Marsha wants something smaller, where she can relax in peace, watch the wildlife out the window beside a roaring fire in the hearth. Rob's dream is to be as far off 'the grid' as he can get. He's kind of a back to basics guy and has done an enormous amount of research.

There will be challenges ahead and this is their time to follow their hearts and catch their dream. I'm sure many people do this and it's no big deal. Would it seem more inspiring if I mentioned Marsha is 60! Not exactly a spring chicken but not where near ready for the old folks home.

Have a safe journey my friends and keep us posted as to your progress. See you next fall!


Pumpkin said...

Wow! My DH would love that :o)

Margaret said...

I don't think this would be the life for me but hats off to your friends who are following their dream.