Monday, November 26, 2007

Santa suit

As most know, early September, DH planned on being Santa and I was going to make his suit. Well just as DH's beard was coming in, something happened, someone else said they were going to be Santa etc, DH graciously backed out - I hadn't invested anything but money in the pattern-and shaved off the beard.

Then early November, the other fellow backed out, leaving me with poor fabric choices etc. In the end DH's company bought the magnificent suit he wore this past weekend, complete with wig & beard.

I still plan on making up my pattern once I can find some suitable September perhaps! At that time, we will decide what to do with the second suit, perhaps donate to a worthy group. Or we'll use it as a spare and go around visiting the senior's homes and such and spreading the spirit of Christmas.

With that, I won't add the suit to my UFO list, but merely consider it delayed! Ho Ho Ho!


Name: Vicki said...

I'm sure this was a very rewarding experience for both of you, and he made a wonderful Santa!!How nice of the company to buy the suit and all! Did they do it because you were having the problems finding fabric or were they going to do it anyway and just hadn't told you? It would be pretty low not to tell you! Have a great day and give "Santa" a hug for me!

Pumpkin said...

Well, if this new hobby works out well, he might need a second suit ;o)