Friday, November 16, 2007

What a slacker I am!

No stitching this week! I'm feeling withdrawal pangs! Hopefully this afternoon I will remedy that situation, even for a half hour.

We returned from our weekend away after picking up our house guest from her friend's home. She was catching up on her sleep Tuesday morning when the phone rang with the job offer she had been hoping for. The rest of the day was a wash with hectic activity to get all her laundry done and a quick trip into the city to pick up supplies for the 3 weeks in the remote camp. Wednesday morning DH drove her in and she was off with a big smile on her face.

Wednesday I spent a lot of time doing more laundry. Our house guest was a smoker and we aren't...and even though the smoking was done outside, the smell got into the house and was lingering. So all the bedding was done and aired, floors washed and generally prepped the room for more guests.

They arrived yesterday! The movers had left with their furniture, and all that remains is that last clean up before handing the keys over to the new owners. I wish the previous owners of our house were as considerate...they left 4 trucks full of garbage in, and around the house. We called the Realtor to hold the last money...but that's a whole other story!

Duke the dog gets along with ours, they know each other from past visits. Mr Magoo the cockatoo is new to us. Cody spent a lot of time just sitting and watching this stranger! It was funny...the bird would say something and the dog's head would tilt as if she were listening to a conversation.

I won a raffle at the garden club meeting last night...a glass vase with some paperwhites started! I was so surprised...up until that moment my thoughts were more with our house guests than the presentation...I had to get some clarification after the fact. Oops.

Today is grocery day...Mother Hubbard's cupboard is quite bare. With that, I'm off to check the flyers for bargains. Have a great weekend!


Name: Vicki said...

My, you have had a lot of house guests! Since my family all live close - I never have overnight guests! Thank goodness! Although I know it's fun, I just couldn't handle it! Have a great time and day!

Margaret said...

You've been a busy girl 'Berta. No wonder there is so little time for stitching. Hope you get a chance this week.