Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Snowing horizontally!

I felt so much better this morning. I got my housework done and decided I had to venture out to the shopping district. Negotiating the parking lots and fellow shoppers was a piece of cake compared to the roads on the return trip.

The winds were blowing the falling snow across the road, making visibility very poor as well as obscuring the painted shoulder lines. Where was the road? It was not a smooth drive home by any means of the imagination, but I drove at a speed I was comfortable with and hey, no one thought they could be better by passing me...we were all sensible, took our time and got to our destinations without incident.

Now to remember I have to top up my windshield washer fluid before my next driving adventure!


Pumpkin said...

Yup, have to be extra careful now! Nice to know that others were being sensible ;o)

Mary Ann said...

It is good to hear that everyone was driving carefully and that you made it home safely!

Bliss said...

Oh my! That cold, huh? I'm glad we bought Paul an overcoat (for his trip to Montreal) while we were in Sydney this week. What news of Fred? It's going stitch by stitch here. It won't be finished by end of year, but it won't be far from done.