Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wish I were stitching

Instead I've been working on our Christmas cards...I am so behind this year. It's my own in the house and that was an easy excuse. I just wasn't in the mood.

However I looked at the calendar and decided I AM in the mood...hence the mad dash. I had everything ready to go...except me! Despite the photo, the colours are chocolate chip with navy and brocade blue, and a splash of gold embossing.

Thanks goodness for my favorite pen. I do a lot of things on the computer, but I still like to hand address and write a note in each. For some, this is my only contact with them...I want it to be a personal one, no matter how brief.

Well I think I deserve some tea, so excuse me while I put the kettle on! Earl Grey today!


Name: Vicki said...

The card is beautiful! Did you make it? Sorry I haven't been reading blogs lately! Too much going on! Thank you for your comment. I started to get a pad of post-it notes to mark pages in the books, but then I realized I would have notes stuck to every page just about!! I want to stitch all of the patterns!! Well, have a great day!

Pumpkin said...

That's a gorgeous card Berta! Unfortunately we are not doing cards this year and I'm really going to miss it. Like you, that's the only contact we have with people.