Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I lost a day or got ahead of myself

All afternoon yesterday I was thinking it was Wednesday when in fact it was only Tuesday. When I realized it, I felt unbalanced for the reminder of the day/evening.

Oh well, I did get some nice stitching time in, working on the Rose Garland. Despite the days getting longer, we have been socked in with ice fog so bad, I had to scrape the windshield inside and out when I run out for my meeting. Dummy me - I didn't turn the heater down and all the scrapings were flying around the car like my own private snow storm!

Today the ice fog continues and I had a ton of paperwork to do, mostly financial. It got me thinking that I wish I knew where Dad's audit is in the whole process. I know it's a longer process because I'm asking to renew my role as Trustee...but should I be worried? The legal bill will be high enough, I don't want to drive it up with more phone calls and questions.

Got my research done for the upcoming tax forms...doesn't that sound like a fun morning? We have a new opportunity to do some pension splitting thus reducing DH's tax I'm quite excited about the T4's coming in the near future. Here they have until late February, and some get them out fast, others dawdle.

No stitching done, more meetings etc and tonight I have errands to run with may include a quick trip to Michaels...poor me! Tee Hee

Have a great evening!

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Pumpkin said...

Doesn't that drive you crazy! I hate it when I can't tell what day it is or I have the days mixed up. It throws me off completely.

Ah taxes...we got our forms yesterday :oP Yuck! I'd say have fun but they are not fun at all! LOL!