Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Looking for buckwheat hull source

We had a small houseguest between Christmas & New Year's. Although we only live ~ 3.5 hours north, there was a significant change in temperature & humidity or lack there of.

The first night, he insisted and I complied with a 'candles only' bath...and stayed for such a long time, singing his songs that the water got a bit cool. To help chase the chill away I warmed up my buckwheat (Craft Canada days) bag. Well that started something! I'd heat it up at bedtime and he would put it on his tummy to feel nice and toasty warm. He slept soundly every night in 'his' room!

Because of the drop in outdoors temperature just before we left for the exchange lunch in Red Deer, I again heated up the bag and he was a happy warm traveler. Can you see how I lost my bag????? Papa tried to take it back but the crocodile tears melted my heart and I had to give it to him.

So now I'm searching for a suitable replacement...I've heard that rice will work, but I really like the buckwheat smell...wish me luck!

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Pumpkin said...

That's adorable! :o) Sorry I can't help you out though :o(