Thursday, January 03, 2008

Please, make them STOP!

Here's another tempting beauty from Lizzie Kate - it's Double Flip 2008...2 charts for double the pleasure.

Don't people know my list is long enough and getting longer by the minute...what's a girl to do?

When I'm not stitching, or thinking about stitching, I'm winding my new floss for my storage boxes. I'll then update my master list so I know what I have, and what's still missing. I think Pumpkin managed to get her floss collection complete last year. That got me thinking about my pathetic pile!

My next dilemma do I organize it in the I want to get my labeler out and do it up real nice, or get them in order and be happy with that for now.... I think I need to get a life outside floss, x's & charts.....NAHHHHH!!! Where would the fun be then?


Pumpkin said...

I know! I love it myself but I've just got too much to stitch :o( I would really benefit from having those words up on my wall.

LOL! Yes, I do and I think I'm pretty close to having two full sets. Shhhhh! ;o)

When I used to use the bobbins, I would cut the floss number off the thingy and then tape it to the top of the bobbin. I know that DMC has put out their own version of this so that might be a much faster option.

'Berta said...

2 sets!!!!! Lucky you!

Thanks for the label tip...I'm going to use it!

Sweet Pea said...

You know, I am thinking that would make a wonderful gift for my 5 year old niece. It's whimsical enough to fit into her "princess decor" but still imparts a pretty valuable lesson.

Sweet Pea said...

Oh, and ditto Pumpkin on the labels. You can get them for a few bucks at the craft store and they're WELL worth it.

Plus you can keep the stickers you don't use in a little bag in your purse, and if you happen to see floss on sale, you can easily figure out which ones you don't have yet.

Itching To Stitch said...

I love that Lizze*Kate design, I think you should do it. Sounds like you're getting organized for 2008 ;)

Bliss said...

I ordered this chart about 4 days ago, 'Berta! We really do have similar tastes in cross stitch. This year, I'm not buying another thing that adds to the stash pile unless it's directly related to diminishing the said pile. Famous last words!