Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weather impacts my day big time!

Yesterday was - 35 ' Celsius and very windy, today is better, same low temperature but no wind and the sun is shining brightly. My car is still frozen so I can't run errands but at least I'm home to re-fill the bird feeders as often as needed.

Still I just want to hibernate inside with my books and a hot cup of tea! I did manage to get some stitching on Frederick's backside done...and I'm enjoying it tremendously. However, it's as if the furnace can't keep up and my fingers gets cold and stiff quickly.

I caught up on some reading and found that another TV favorite of mine - GailVaz Oxlade has a blog. If you don't know Gail is the financial guru of the TV show Til Debt Us Do Part on the SLICE network. I have read as many of her books that I could find and she tells it like it is...not candy coating!

I don't have money troubles but I always like to learn something new to make what we do make/have go that much further. Work smarter not necessarily harder. Well I treated myself to a video online that I hadn't seen before and came away with another great idea for us as a family. I think we are doing our children a disservice by not teaching them a financial education along with the other basic skills required for life.

Well I'm losing the sensation in my toes, time to walk around the house and get the blood flowing again! Stay warm!

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Pumpkin said...

I hear you! We had a cold snap here just recently and it numbs the bottom of my feet and toes :o( Stay warm!