Thursday, February 14, 2008

SBQ response

This week's SBQ was suggested by Loretta ( and is: Do you have any projects that you have scrapped and started over? What made you start over from scratch?

This is a great question with perfect timing. I say that because I was just thinking that I am going to re-start my failed attempt at Northern Lights...I had been working on it when my dear Mom became sick. It seemed that as soon as my work week was done, I was on the road to visit her at the Tom Baker Cancer centre in Calgary. When she died, I lost all hope of ever getting back on track. It took me several years of looking at it in the back of my closet to get the courage to discard it, but I did keep the chart. I thought I would never be able to do such a complex chart, and on black Aida to boot.

However, I came to the realization this past week that I can do it. The secret is all in the preparation. I gridded Frederick's fabric and it's has made a huge difference in my comfort level, especially if I'm picking it up after a break or an overwhelming day. I know that I'm on track or in the ditch early! So if the frogs are a-coming to visit, they aren't around for long!
I don't know when I will start it, certainly after Fred is complete...and this time I will enjoy all the memories associated with this project. I will have my tissues close at hand!

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