Monday, February 11, 2008

Too much?

I think I've bit off more than I can handle.

DH had planned on starting a redecorating project in our games room, but after doing errands etc on Saturday, he was feeling very off yesterday and spent most of his time sleeping. So the project didn't get started.

Last night I had the brilliant idea that perhaps I could do it this week during the day and surprise him on Valentine's Day with a completed room. WHAT WAS I THINKING?????

I just finished priming 3 cherry red walls with the tinted blue primer...DH already picked the colour and had all that ready to go. Yup...we are going from cherry red to a classy wedgewood blue...important to prime first, otherwise I can imagine the Barney purple walls we would have!
I am so stiff and sore. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up this charade for the next 3-4 days.

Needless to say my stitching projects are on hold unless I'm waiting for paint to dry! How exciting! Will keep you posted.


Pumpkin said...

That's wonderful Berta! Good for you although that IS a lot of work. I hope you are being careful not to overdue it too much. I'm sure DH will really appreciate it though :o) Will you post pictures when you're done?

Bliss said...

LOL. Hillariously funny, Berta! They say that diversion therapy is always good to have on hand whilst watching paint dry. Keep the stitching handy or else try soaking in the bath each afternoon before hubby get home from work.

I wish I had your enthusiasm for house painting at the moment. I love my mojo with the installation of the kitchen, but there are still jobs to do.

Bliss said...

'love' should have read 'lost'