Monday, March 03, 2008

March Musings

Bow ties quilt for the team Crockett fund raiser getting some last stitches before the yellow binding is applied.

Frederick the Literate to the end of February...I'm still loving this project despite the black fact, I think I'm over my 'fear'!

My favorite sewing notion...Henckels thread snips...before the wee 'accident'! DH accidentally flipped them off my work table when he plugged in the iron...hey...he was helping me by ironing his own shirt for Monday's big staff meeting.

After they fell on the cement floor of my sewing area. Totally useless now, plastic broke and the spring has sprung under the washer/ I will be looking for a replacement pair.


Pumpkin said...

Oh-oh! Does that mean DH is in deep doo-doo? ;o)

The quilt is looking fabulous Berta!!!!

You are really coming along with Fred.

'Berta said...

No...he didn't mean to break them...he hunted high and low many years ago to find them while we lived in a remote town! I'm sure they will be replaced just as soon as I get into the city with a few extra dollars in my pocket.

I must say, he himself was quite upset about it when he told of the many reasons why I love him so!