Monday, April 21, 2008

Tis a white world out there!

Well the snow started Friday night and it's still coming down! You would never believe that 2 Sundays ago we hit a record high of +23'C and DH had his motorcycle out for a little spin. Today he'll be shoveling! A good day to stay inside and finish my library books which are due back tomorrow!

Sorry, still not stitching!


Meari said...

After the winter we've had in the midwest USA, you can keep the snow. I'm keeping the sun! LOL

Pumpkin said...

ROFL! I'm sorry Berta but it's nice to know we're not the last place to get rid of our snow ;o)

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Funny how you are getting snow and we have record high temps at the moment!

Caleb never did get his candles blown out! He kept blowing the air UP! Too funny.