Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy in the garden

I absolutely love being outside and in my garden. It's not much but it's my labour of love. Some plants I have babied only to have them succumb to winter kill. A sign that they weren't meant to be. Others continue to flourish despite my neglect. I'm sorry! I love this shot of some of the fiddleheads - we couldn't cut them down for supper! I just find it very relaxing to putter about in the sunshine or rain but always in peace. My thoughts all settle down and fall into place when my nails are broken and dirty!
Today I did that task that most homeowners dread...prepping for the deck to be staining. I pulled out the power washing and got right to it. There's a good wind today so things should dry quickly. We'll use the same grey colour as before and that will take most of the weekend to do. It will look gorgeous when it's done! I'll post an after photo...the before is down right ugly!

I should then have a nice corner for stitching. I finally got my fabric for the 4 Seasons Chairs that I'm going to do with Margaret.We have it planned out that we are going to stitch the appropriate season starting with summer. No rush with this project! I've picked a luscious platinum aida cloth. It's a soft grey taupe that hopefully will make the colours pop. i still have to get my floss and will definitely do a comparision before I start stitching. I'd rather find out the colours are wrong before I start.


Pumpkin said...

I just find that being around plants can be very relaxing and I'm glad you have your spot that you feel peaceful. Although I don't envy the work on the deck that you have to do :oS

Oh, that looks like it will be a fun one to stitch!

Margaret said...

Hi Berta,
Your fabric sounds lovely for the Seasonal Chairs piece. So far I have done 3 of the 4 borders so will be all set when summer arrives. This will be such a fun SAL as I truly feel there won't be any real pressure.
Hope you are having a grand weekend and enjoying life outdoors.