Monday, June 09, 2008

Some days I'm the bug, not the windshield!

This past Saturday was The Underwear Affair and I must say I'm disappointed in myself. Our team didn't walk. Weather conditions were horrid and they continued to get worse as we went through the check in lines, registration, waivers, getting our race numbers and timers. We were all totally soaked to the bone and we still had another 90 minutes to wait to start the race. And our team was sick. Lesley officially does have a bad case of strep throat and the other guys are waiting to see if theirs is more of the same bad news.

10.6 °C
MAX TEMP. DATE Jun.7 2008
MIN TEMP : 5.7 °C
MIN TEMP. DATE Jun.7 2008
These are the historical numbers for our race day...and I knew if one of us walked, they would have all walked and strep throat may have become pneumonia. So I will don my sneakers, race gear and number and do my 5 kms tonight to honour those great pledges.

BTW - The race did raise $936K in Calgary alone!

I do hope you understand my thoughts on this.

OT - my head is spinning, so many of my family/friends are sick. Jo is back in hospital, battling advanced breast cancer, Sharon is undergoing treatment for stage 4 lung cancer and uterine cancer - her lovely daughter shaved her head in a sign of support! and now a cousin was hit by a car while rising her bicycle and may need surgery. I so need a mental vacation - a cup of tea and I think I'm pulling out 4 seasons chairs!


Pumpkin said...

Dear Berta, you have enough on your plate it seems, you don't need to worry about that. The important thing is that you raised money :o)

I'm sending you lots of ((((HUGS)))) because you need them more right now :o)

Wendy said...

So sorry to hear that the weather was so uncooperative for your walk! But look at the money raised!! It sounds like it was very successful in spite of the weather.