Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Close call

We finally got all the numbers and the explanation...DH could easily have had an heart attack from his sleep apnea! The stress of trying to get oxygen into his body could easily have set off an unfortunate chain of events with life altering consequences. To date the machine has made a significant difference - Joe's energy levels have increased and he seems a lot happier. I've had a few restless nights as he tries to get used to the face mask but each night seems to be better than the previous one.

I finally found some wedding shoes...yeah, lots of time NOT! Now to get everything ready for the road trip. Last year we forgot our wedding clothes in our haste to get the cake finished and delivered! We aren't doing the cake but we still have all the tablecloths etc to pack up along with our clothes, camera and the paperwork for DH's tux rental. We dropped off all the table decorations and favours last trip south. DH seems to think this is the only wedding happening this summer in all of Canada. Some days I tend to agree with him.

Something Good to Know....instead of using a commercial anti itch after b*te ...try dabbing a bit of mint toothpaste (gel won't work) on the bite. Doesn't run like the ammonia based sticks and a lot more kid friendly!

Note to self....DO NOT garden without gloves! You have a wedding to attend!!!!


Stitcher said...

Hope the wedding goes well. glad you finally got some shoes.

Pumpkin said...

That is so scary! I'm so glad that the machine is working out and DH is feeling better.

Wow, the wedding is really coming up soon!!!!