Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My world is changing!

Earlier this month, my nephew moved back in with us.He had been living in a small city but found work wasn't paying enough to make ends meet let alone plan for a future. So DH pulled a few strings and had B working the day after he arrived here. In his first pay period, he logged 140 billable hours! Now that is going to be a handsome paycheck!

Last week, we had B's younger brother here for a holiday. Things had gone a bit sideways the past couple of weeks...since one brother got married and started his family life and B returning here...well one thing led to another and we are expecting a bouncing baby boy with size 13 feet this long weekend! K will be doing his Grade 11 here and then we will re-assess for his grad year.

So I now have to make room...the drawers and closet in the guest rooms had been filled with our off season clothes...they were out of our otherwise cramped closets. I guess our food bill will change substantially too! I'll have to relearn cooking for 4 plus leftovers!

Stitching will be a welcomed break from all the manliness this house will soon exude...if I can get my stitching chair back! But just between you & I, I was finding the house a bit on the quiet side! Shhh!

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Pumpkin said...

That's good...I guess. LOL! You're definitely going to become a bigger family overnight :o)