Friday, November 14, 2008

I am here...but sidetracked

I have my crafting stuff moved into my new digs...and am slowly getting things into a logical place. Once that is done, I hope to have a chance to hang some pretties around for inspiration and personal enjoyment. Photos will be posted early next week.

We made an impromptu trip to DD2's home...I hemmed 4 pairs of pants for Alex and Hoe helped insulate the walls of their garage. We return tonight to get the ceiling done and celebrate JT's (aka Joey, Joe, Joseph) 7th birthday. JT tried out a lot of versions and has made up his mind what he wants to be called. I must laugh...he sometimes introduces me as Nannie but other times..."you can call her Alberta"! He is very aware of people names...sounds like he's already attended some Dale Carnegie classes.

Stitching has been a slow process this week. I ventured out into the world of retail shopping and have decided...I don't like it! But I got some things crossed off my list and a plan in the works for most of the other gifts on our list.

I had an upsetting time yesterday...most of it from my over reaction. The night before, while I was downstairs, someone had a piece of chocolate cake and a cup of hot chocolate in the living room. The evidence was right there on our beige micro suede loveseat cushion. I fretted over that far too have to learn so waited until after school so I could have him check out the problem before i began to try and remove the spot. Luckily, I took it step by step and managed to get it out and I think a valuable lesson was learned. Now, I'm trying to put it behind my and find the harmony of the silence within.

Have a great weekend!


Pumpkin said...

Can't wait to see the digs!

Oh, I agree with you. I hate the whold shopping scene right now. I almost got creamed last night when "I" had the green turning light.

mumzy said...

Looking forward to see your new space.

We were in town today and the traffic was horrible. Also because of the full moon, the weirdos are definitely out.

Have a great day!