Monday, December 01, 2008

A busy month~

This is my sewing corner with two idea boards (going to change one to a flannel board for quilt patches). The mirror over top is across from my window so it reflects more light into the room.

The lazy susan in the corner is from IKEA and I'm going to cover it with heat reflective fabric so I can iron my quilt squares easily. I also have a small rotary cutting board to put on top. I'm borrowing this idea from Redwork in absolute brilliant idea!

This is one of many ...five I think...bookshelves in our house. This houses most of my craft books. I started to put them in categories, so it's easier to find what I'm looking for. If anyone ever wants to gift me something...I'll never say no to another book!

The bottom file folders house my soft covered booklets etc. They are the plain white ones from IKEA and I was playing around with my stamp pads and brayer...I think I can run with this idea and personalize each to its contents. Pretty is better, isn't it?

This is my stamping/scrapbook area. The table top is my original top I made all by myself from some scrap plywood reinforced underneath with 2 x 4 so it doesn't bow in the middle. I built it one weekend when Joe was working overseas...I just couldn't wait for his return! Too many other things to do when he got home! For legs I used the 2 drawer end units from an old dressing table I had kicking around. The bottom drawers are the perfect size for commercial dress making patterns!

I placed the drawer legs far enough apart so the trolley on wheels rolls right under, out of the way when not in use. On the trolley I have my stamp pads in shoe boxes by colour family along with a box of card ideas that I have made in the past. Because I'm right under the window, I find I use my OTT light quite a bit to make sure my colours are pleasing! My little stereo is on most times...I switch between tunes and audio books! I white board with the cork strip helps me stay on my deadlines.

Not shown is the pegboard I had DH install this past's horizontal between the small window and the bookcase...over top of the small bookcase with my stereo. I have to find the rest of my pegs so I can get all those little things up where I can find them! I did take an adjustable cafe rod and mount it on 2 straight pegs and it holds my bits of ribbon, trim and what not. Very handy, easily expanded by stretching it out and relocating one of the pegs.

I have some crafts I made that I'll be hanging up in some of the open areas once I know for sure that this is where things are going to stay for a while.

So there you have it... a bit late..I should have put a note on my whiteboard! Well I must say despite no stitching time...I did have a very productive day! 24 days and counting.


BW said...

What a wonderful crafting area!

Pumpkin said...

Awesome crafting area you have there! I'm going to miss mine but I hope to make another one someday down the road. I like your ideas and you're very organized :o)

mumzy said...

Wow! You are one organized lady. I, too, have a craft room but since we started our home renovations, I have to store some furniture in there and so no pictures of my room until we can put it back to rights. After seeing yours so organized, it makes me wish I had all of mine back. Good job and wonderful ideas on setting up.

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

WOW! Maybe when the boys are out of the house I can "take over" one of the rooms and do something like the moment my crafts fit in two gift bags and my sewing box :-( Lovely space...

Bliss said...

Gracious me! No wonder you haven't had a chance to post lately. You've been too busy organising your wonderful room (my computer keyboard is covered in drool). The real question is how did you ever drag yourself away from it long enough to blog?

Margaret said...

Thank you so much for inviting us into your craft room Berta. It's a lovely place and the pictures make me want to drop by for a spot of coffe/tea, a little stitching and a little chatting.

Love the adorable picture at the top of your blog. Makes us realize that the festive season is really upon us.

Rayne-Rayne said...

I am jealous of your scrapbooking area!