Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just being neighborly

I live in a small town that has quickly grown over the past 2 years. I should know more people, but I don't. Last Wednesday I met a new resident at the recycle depot. She wasn't sure about where the cardboard pieces go so I showed her. Another woman was just finishing her sorting, slammed down the trunk and her van and then we heard the "Oh No!"

Her van had automatically locked itself. Van was running, spare key safely in her purse in plain sight on the front seat.

I offered her a drive back to her house where she had yet another key, but she didn't want to take me out of my way. She asked the other woman where she was headed...long story....the newcomer drove her home to get the third key while I waited and watched over the van. I browsed through my books I was returning to the library while I waited, so it was no bog deal. She returned after ~ 20 minutes, so grateful that we were willing to help out.

My thoughts could you NOT lend a hand, especially at this time of year. I only hope if I ever need help, someone is there for me. Pay it Forward as often as you can.


Meari said...

I agree! How could you not? I've been on the receiving end of the kindness of strangers so I know how that can be. I'm glad to hear you stayed and helped... because so many times in this day and age, it seems people don't want to take time out of their busy lives to help. Kudos to you!

Stitcher said...

Well done on staying to look after the van, if only there were more helpful people around. I have been lucky enough to have people help me when in need too, and it's so nice.

Pumpkin said...

That was very nice of you :o) I think people are too afraid to get involved these days which is a real shame.