Monday, December 08, 2008

Mixed emotions

It seems that there are folks in my circle of friends and family who aren't' doing very well. A dear lady in the final stages of her life as cancer slowly takes over, her husband of 28 years at his wit's end about thoughts of life afterward. Those battling depression, loneliness and heartache. Others with financial woes as we have to face the tough reality of the day, jobs being phased out, and cutbacks & hiring freezes. And most of all, knowing that my father's health is failing and that circle will be complete. And yet, I find myself in a good place spiritually. I have hope, for me, my family and friends. We will get through this together.

The 2 oldest grandsons are truly into the Christmas spirit. They love the lights and decorations and on the way home from the mall on Saturday, JT sang us his carol/hymn he learned in music. Very touching. Alex, not to be out done, sang for us with pride and gusto, his rendition of O Canada!

Today I received a beautiful little photograph from my nephew and his bride and new baby. I was so touched that they thought of us. Thanks so much!

The news that my small token of friendship arrived at their destinations made me smile. Both are special ladies who have given me friendship and joy. Thank you both!

I'm not sure how this year will end. I'm not even going to chance a guess. I know that I appreciate each day for its unique self. I am oh so very lucky to be me!

Alex being shy and not making any eye contact with Santa.

JT with a twinkle in his eye having a chat with Santa.


Pumpkin said...

Berta, I'm sorry to hear that you have such sadness around you :o( ((((HUGS))))

The pictures of the boys with Santa are just too cute :o)

Wendy said...

I love the pics with your grandsons - too cute! And I was just admiring the pictures of your crafting room too, how wonderful! I would love to come over and play for a little while, actually a long while, in there!

mumzy said...

Berta, Hugs from this household. We also feel lucky to be us even with the sadness and sickness that is experienced in our family. DH's mother is doing better but we don't think she will ever be able to go back to her own place. Please be assured that our thoughts are with you and yours.