Monday, January 19, 2009

Jumping in!

January 2, May Britt promoted this challenge which has been gnawing and the back of my mind in a good way. I know that through the months/years of late, I have not been true to myself and finished some of my projects. I'm going to do something about it.

I feel good about this challenge because I still have the freedom to pick what most calls to me. I have projects of every type...sewing, stitching, papercrafts, photos to organize and so forth. Some I've brought upon myself, others just sort of get 'dumped' on me without much protest on my part! lol

OT - still waiting for the second part to repair our dishwasher. My hands are taking a beating from the water and our dry winter air. Seems that I can't moisturize enough. maybe today I'll be in the mail box.

DH has selected another tattoo he wants and has the date booked. I don't personally like them but it's his body and this is something he does to express himself. He's not into stitching! His choice...and I do like it and the thought that went into his family crest with motto. He did reconsider the location and because it's so special, it is getting a special place. Will post a photo after the great reveal.

The boys had a good weekend, playing outside after being cooped up for far too long. Saturday they headed to the hills for some snowboarding and Sunday was a spur of the moment of tobogganing! Similar idea, only cheaper! Monday came too soon.

Our healthy eating continues, lighter meals, less fat more taste and vegetables. Sunday was a chicken roasted on a bed of chopped apples, leeks and garlic with some steamed rice and green peas. The house smelled wonderful! Another recipe from Chef Michael Smith. We omitted the rosemary and subbed leeks for onions. Try it. DH has dropped 13 pounds, me only 2 but we both feel lighter and healthier.

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Felicity said...

Leeks - ugh! One of my least favourite foods. They taste like wet paper to me. The rest of the recipe sounds marvelous, though.