Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good weekend

The weather was gorgeous and we hit the road, checking out potential new home towns. In the end, we have decided we will stay put and see how things go. No sense in jumping out of the fry pan!

We are continuing to get some household chores attended to...some that have been on the list for a while, others we are creating as we go! It's truly funny...we start a conversation with "What if" and before you know it we are re-arranging furniture up and won our 4 level split!!! I am getting any dust bunnies I come across and so should have a head start on spring cleaning!

I haven't been stitching this past week. DH likes to have company when he goes anywhere! We went to the recycle depot together, the post office, the doctor's office and then the pharmacy. Later today we are headed to the library!!!! I can't remember the last time I drove MY car. Mine is diesel and gets way better mileage than his 4x4. Oh well, I can't complain too much...he did wash it and put in a new battery so my clicker works! Thanks Joe!

More chaos at the former employer...some folks getting pink slips, others jumping ship on their own. In the meantime, Joe's blood pressure is ridiculously low! His doctor loves this new situation...and I kind of like having company around the house!

OT-I am sickened over the situation in Australia...such loss of life and property, especially if it was deliberately set.


mumzy said...

Sounds like you are getting things in order. I have to admit I, too, enjoy having DH with me and it has been almost 11 years now since we both retired and we still are having fun.

I agree with you about Australia, it is a horrible situation there.


Felicity said...

The floods and fires are sad, sad situations, indeed, when you tote up the loss of life this time around. It's dreadful that an arsonist could be so callous & start fires. Fire is not easily controlled. I feel lucky that here in Brisbane we have only got the heat, humidity & gentle rains (though we had our own natural disaster in November).

Having said that, fires and flooding rains are part of the natural here. Nth Qld (in fact all of northern Australia) is geared up to being cut off each summer as cyclones threaten the coast. Bushfires are also a natural phenomenon, though not quite like these ones.

Everyone seems to be doing their bit to help the survivors, mostly with $$ donations. I just hope the money gets spent in the ways that will do the most good.