Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good morning all!

I didn't mean to be away so long. I still have some computer stuff to transfer to the new unit and there's lots to learn about this new to me operating system. When I get some spare that's funny. My life seems to be going at quite a high speed...mostly good though.
We had a blast with JT, I'll post photos as soon as I upload my camera software. He continues to amaze us with his wit and kindness. At one point JT said he was going to be a lifeguard so he could keep people safe in the water...AHHH!
We encountered some issues between resident nephew and grandson and things came to a head minutes before I was leaving to drive JT home. Long story short...nephew has moved out and returned back home to his mother. I was able to quickly coordinate a mid way pick up and we packed the back of my little car with as much of his stuff as was worldly possible. The school was sad to see him quit when his marks were holding steady in the mid 70's but he decided he was not going to stop using and we had had enough. He broke house rules and I wasn't about to not have my grandchildren visit because he wanted a buzz. We do wish him well and know if he can get this monkey off his back he can accomplish whatever he sets his mind on.
So I am deep cleaning his room and packaging up the rest of his things. I am totally excited...Monday we get measured for the new carpet in the house and new paint. I have hated this carpet since we moved in 10 years ago. We have temporarily put the bathroom reno on hold while we get one project done before sending the entire house into chaos.
My plants are coming along nicely in the greenhouse. It is such a joy to get back to basics and get a little dirt and grime under my nails. I sleep so soundly after a day of fresh air and some physical labour.
Joe is loving his job. His legs no longer throb at the end of the shift. His waist line is subtly tightening up, he can safely get rid of the larger pants. He enjoys the thrill of his daily targets. Yesterday he got in some fancy tool chests and told his superior they would all be gone before the end of his shift. Well they were all sold within a couple of hours! Rumour has it they are even going to pay him next week for having all this fun! Isn't life great?
I have sadly gotten behind in reading all of your blog postings but am slowly planning on getting caught up. I'm anxious to hear what everyone has been doing the past 2 weeks.
Take care and hopefully I'll be posting photos tomorrow.


CindyMae said...

I hope things go well for your nephew but I know exactly what you are going through but mine was a borther in law. Anyway, so glad to hear that hubby is liking his job so well! That is awesome news!

Pumpkin said...

Oh dear :o( I'm sorry to hear your nephew has gotten into that. I hope he changes his ways soon Berta.

Renovations! Yay! Have fun picking out what you want and I hope all goes well.