Friday, April 24, 2009


Still no photos...I have so much to do and I'm not organizing my days very well. I have to have more discipline with myself and let my day get side tracked by Joe's presence. Shift work is easier to do when you are the worker and not the stay at home person! lol

We had a peak into summer with 1 glorious day and then we were slammed back into winter with fridid temperatures and some snow. I had some violas opening up and now they are gone. I hope that they will bounce back once normal temperatures return to our area.

Jonathan arrives this afternoon for a weekend visit along with his parents. Jeff has a trade show and Heather & I are going to ahng out and do some power shopping. Joe will be working. I had hoped to go to one of the great playgrounds in out town but we will have to see what the weather decides to do. May be staying inside with a box of Legos dumped on the floor...that's always fun!

I did get a bit if stitching on the chairs done last week while Lucie was visiting. She got my caught up with the family and such while I tried not to looks pretty good! Stay away little froggies.

Hope you are doing what you love to do! Have a great weekend.


Meari said...

Today is supposed to be another gorgeous day. In the 80's. Too bad I have to work!

CindyMae said...

Hope that you have some wonderful weather for this weekend!