Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unexpected outage!

We had more computer issues...so returned the new one for full refund and have now replaced just the tower with the newest new one. Confused? I am. I have installed and uninstalled all my software so many times, I am quite proficient! One valuable lesson I learned is that the bigger 21" screen is not user friendly if your wear progressives! My head was aching from turning it back and forth just to read a simple email! I love my tight little 15" mini monitor! Now to figure out all the demons Vista is known for!!!!

OT-got the greenhouse under scrutiny thanks to the best gadget from Joe for Mother's Day (that along with ~ 200 l of compost!) I have a remote thermometer so can now tell the greenhouse temp from the comfort of my kitchen! This is being put to the test today as we are experiencing wet flurries with plummeting temperatures. I did set up my oil heater to keep the edge off things. Hate to lose my lovely tomatoes at this late stage. Stay warm!


Felicity said...

What? The weather has turned cold? It's Autumn here, not there! We're having what we call 'cold mornings' of 9C here. LOL. It's all relative to experience, I suppose. Hugs to you. Lucky girl to have such a large 'stash' of potting mix.

CindyMae said...

Sometimes, I wonder if computer are really worth it and then I get online and start looking in on all my dear stitching friends and decide that it is indeed worth it! I do hope that this one works out well and gives you NO problems at all!

Pumpkin said...

What is it with computers anyway? Why do we rely on them so much. LOL! Glad you got yours going again. Vista really isn't that bad ;o)