Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Got my back up

Hi Everyone...

Things happen, some that I can steer vs control and others than I can not. So I am doing what I have to do to stay true to me without going out and deliberately hurting someone else.

People will get hurt. How they respond is up to themselves. Disown me, hate me but know I put a lot of thought and consideration into my words and actions.

The most of this is all from my viewpoint as personal representative for my late father's estate. People, please write a will and let someone know where it is. Things are still progressing slowly. I will lose someone dear to me over my future decision, no doubt about it. But I took on the task and someone, whether it be me family, or a complete stranger is going to decide who gets what. And yes, even the one who 'quit' the family will get their rightful share whether you agree with it or not.

I have already gotten the words "I'll take this to court" today. Do they not realize that by doing that, they diminish any monetary bequest that may be coming to them and the others? Think about it, someone has to pay.

On a happier note, the painting is going well, love the colour(s) and the overall feel of our home. I'm slowly getting those tall walls done...16' seems lower 8 years ago when we last painted. you think I shrunk? Will post some photos when the dust settles and stuff is back in place.

Thanks for the positive vibes. I can get knocked down but I'll always do my best to get right back up!
This is a favorite desktop background from who else but Debbie Mumm! This Daisy Angel calms the beast in me.


Margaret said...

I'm so sorry that added to the grief caused by the passing of your father you have this additional pain to deal with.

You are so right to stay true to yourself Berta. That is always the best and the only thing others may expect of us.

Take care,
hugs, Margaret

Pumpkin said...

Ugh...I hate to say it but anything to do with wills and family/friends do not mix :o( I imagine it's hard being put in the hot seat but I know you will handle it the best way you know how. ((((HUGS))))

Glad to hear the painting is going well. Can't wait to see pictures.