Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30 already!!!

Where has the time gone? I haven't completed anything work stopped when the temperatures got obscene last week. Couldn't function let alone think straight.

Now I'm back on the road tomorrow to babysit the 2 eldest grandkids...Mommy & Daddy have a family wedding out of town. Then I'm back home for a few days and then we are off on our houseboating adventure! I sure hope the BC temperatures have returned to normal...this transitional time of my life and soaring temps do not mix!!!!

The quilt is progressing nicely. I'm doing applique...a lot actually...for the first time. I read Beth Ferrier's book Hand Applique by Machine early spring and with a refresher from Beth's blog, specifically this POST I have the knowledge and confidence to pull it off. The best works so well, almost effortlessly! I'll be rethinking my fear of applique in the future.

This is welcomed news as I just learned that our quilt group which fell apart last year so reforming...just in time for me to share a new to me technique! Can't wait to get back into the swing of things. We'll meet on Tuesdays instead of Saturday which was the root of the many things to do over the weekends.

Earlier this week I got a nasty bite on my hand...spider I think...they have given me trouble in the past. As sorry as I felt, I had to stop my pity party when I learned one of the grandkids fell into a cactus Sunday afternoon. Now that must have been painful. They are just waiting for any more buried spines to work their way through. Hope you have a speedy recovery dear!

Hope you are enjoying your for dear Bliss!


Felicity said...

Enjoy your grandma duties & the boat trip. Thanks for the special mention. As our winters are mild (17-22C during the day), I'm enjoying them greatly. Still too busy to stitch here. Maybe next week while The MOTH is away. Keep well & happy. Bliss xoxo

Pumpkin said...

Wow Berta, your life is just so busy right now! Hope you have a great time in BC :o)

Your new quilting technique is very nice. I love the colors. Good to hear that your group is getting back together. I hope I can find a stitching group around here.

Poor dear! A cactus...ouch! And a spider bite :o( Yuck!